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Ranchmate® is an innovative line of fencing products that is changing the way wire fences are built and repaired across America. Manufactured in the U.S. by Preformed Line Products, Ranchmate enables farmers and ranchers to construct and mend wire fences like utility linemen have built and fixed overhead conductor lines for decades. 

Based on proprietary technology, Ranchmate products are stronger, more durable, safer and measurably superior to anything else on the market. They are so easy to install that almost anyone can do it.

The core products in the Ranchmate line are connectors (called splices) and terminations (called dead-ends).  Splices are used to reconnect wires that have been broken or cut.  Dead-ends are designed to create a secure loop around a post or create a radius around a corner post.  As they are applied by hand by being wrapped around the wire, they follow their preformed shape, locking tightly in place to create a solid rod-like connection.  Made of galvanized steel, Ranchmate splices and dead-ends won’t crack or rust and will likely outlast the fence wire they are used to repair.

Ranchmate products are officially licensed by the National FFA organization™. A portion of Ranchmate sales directly supports the work of the FFA®.

Ranchmate products are available at farm, hardware and other retail stores across the country.


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