Ranchmate Products – Supporting FFA®

Our parent company, Preformed Line Products (PLP), has long been known in the industrial manufacturing world as an innovator and a trend setter. Now we are proving our reputation again in the world of agriculture.

First, we created a completely new way of constructing and mending wire fencing with our proprietary line of Ranchmate®­ fencing products. Ranchmate products are transforming how fencing is done in America by providing superior quality, cost effective products that meet the needs of farmers, ranchers and property-owners everywhere. 

Next, we made a formal commitment to support the future of agriculture through a special agreement with The National FFA Organization™ (formerly Future Farmers of America). With our pledge to donate a portion of sales to the organization, Ranchmate was the first brand of products to be officially licensed by the FFA®. Since then, more than 30 other companies have followed our lead.

On both accounts, we are more than a little proud.

You can help too, but ordering your FFA-licensed products today on our FFA Tools & Accessories page

*The FFA® emblem and letters are registered trademarks of the National FFA Organization™, used under license.